Current Board

Background of board Members for 2018-2020

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rebeka Kovačič Lukman (University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia)

Background & motivation

I have been active in the ERSCP and PREPARE from 2004, since I have started working with prof Glavič, who has been active in the ERSCP and PREPARE for many years. In 2015 I was nominated as a chair of the PREPARE. I am a representative of a younger generation of researcher in the field of sustainable consumption and production. Together with prof Glavič, we have been organizers of the ERSCP 2014. My research interest is as follows: sustainable consumption and production, circular economy, sustainable universities, LCA, education of sustainable development. 

Dr Frances Fahy (Senior Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway)

Background & motivation

As an active member of SCORAI EU I am extremely interested in developing strong synergies between the ERSCP and SCORAI EU and our executive committee were pleased to support my nomination. As an active researcher in the field of sustainable consumption and the Scientific lead of ENERGISE, a large scale European project exploring energy and sustainable consumption, I believe that I would make a valuable contribution to the ERSCP Board and would be extremely interested in working on a range of activities in the coming years. I attended the ERSCP conference in Istanbul and I'm attending and presenting at the forthcoming conference in Skiathos at the start of October.

Dr. Frieder Rubik (German Institute for Ecological Economy Research, IÖW)

Background & motivation

Background of national economics at the University of Heidelberg in the late 1970s and hold a doctorate degree from the University of Kassel/Germany. My professional career started in 1982 when I took up work at the Freiburg based “Oekoinstitute as a researcher. This employment ended in 1988, I had specialized in the relationship between ecology and economy and in “product line analysis” (an important inspiration for LCA). Between 1989 and 1990, I worked as researcher and as head of administration at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in Bonn (under Ernst von Weizsäcker). Since 1990, I have been a senior researcher at the German Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) and head of the “Ecological Product Policy” division. My key areas of research are Integrated Product Policy, sustainable consumption and production patterns, evaluation & assessment as well as innovation. My professional activities focus on international and German projects, funded for instance by the European Commission, UNEP or the German government. 

With regard to the ERSCP Society, I would like to strengthen networks among different communities with similar intentions aiming at a transformative shift of our societies and economies towards sustainability.

Dr Edurne Inigo (early career board member, Wageningen University & Research)

Background & motivation

Sustainability may only be achieved through systemic change that favours the equilibrium of the consumption and production systems in society and the natural environment. In this spirit, ERSCP is making an excellent job in bringing together researchers and practitioners with the common goal of crafting sustainable systems, hence connecting institutions, people and knowledge to support such transition towards sustainability. 

I obtained my Ph.D. cum laude last June, and I am highly motivated to build a career in sustainability through action-oriented research. Before starting my academic career, I have been an environmental lawyer and a sustainability consultant, as a freelance and as a partner in a boutique consultancy I co-founded. In my personal and professional life, I am deeply committed to sustainability, and in joining the ERSCP Board, I could make use of my background to bridge the gap between academia and practice, build a stronger network and help ERSCP to become a benchmark in the work for sustainable development. In this way, I feel I can make a real difference upon the goal on which I’m building my career. My background is in the field of management of sustainability-oriented innovations, and currently I research on the impact of system dynamics on high-technology firms implementing responsible innovation practices for climate-smart agriculture at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). WUR is a frontrunner in sustainable innovation, combining  research on science and its integration in socio-economic systems; in fact, responsible consumption and production systems is a foremost research topic at the School of Social Sciences. 

I am an early career candidate for the Board, but I believe I can certainly contribute with an entrepreneurial attitude and drive for sustainability. It would be a very rewarding experience to bring about action on sustainable consumption and production systems and being able to network and connect with partners that share this ambition.  

Dr Jaco Quist (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

Background & motivation

I am currently  a board member (since 2013) and I am interested to become the chair for the forthcoming period, as I am interested to contribute to the further development of the ERSCP society. I  have been involved in sustainable innovation, transitions to sustainability, sustainable futures and sustainable consumption and production for nearly two decades and I have not only been a regular participant of ERSCP conferences, but I have also (co)organised the 2010 Delft ERSCP-EMSU conference and have been a member of the international organizing committee of the 2013 ERSCP-EMSU Conference in Istanbul. Currently, I am also involved in the global Knowledge & Action Network (KAN) on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP), which has started at Future Earth ( ). More details can be found at his personal page at TU Delft, . My ambition for the next term of the ERSCP board is:

    • To increase the visibility of SCP as a topic and the ERSCP as a society

    • To enhance exchange and collaborations with relevant organizations on SCP, such as PREPARE, SCORAI, SDRS society, Unido, APRSCP, and others.

    • To create more opportunities in the society for early career researchers.

    • To have ERSCP-initiated or supported workshops on relevant topics for SCP and the. circular economy in those years when there is no ERSCP conference

    • To enhance the action and practitioner component that has always been part of the ERSCP community

Prof Anna Davies (Trinity College, Dublin)

Background & motivation

I have been working in the field of SCP for the past decade, including my current role as Principal Investigator of CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability ( ), an all-island of Ireland study funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. I have published widely in the field with more than 50 publications (see full CV at: ), including the 2014 publication of Challenging Consumption: Pathways to a more sustainable future with CONSENSUS colleagues. I have been an active member (and past Chair) of disciplinary committees for more than 20 years. I was the Chair of the Planning and Environment Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (UK) in 2007-8 having been an active member of that group since 2001 and remaining on the Committee until next year. I am currently Chair of the Future Earth Organising Committee of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and am a member of The Geographical Society of Ireland and the Geosciences and Geographical Sciences Committee of the RIA. I In these roles I have organised Academy Discourses (e.g. Dr Mary Robinson, currently UN special envoy for climate change), conferences, town hall meetings, workshops, and educational resources (see: ). I would now very much like to engage with European Colleagues in the field of SCP, to continue and progress the excellent work already conducted and ensure SCP issues have not only a European but also a global impact.

Dr Annelise de Jong (Interactive Institute, Stockholm)

Background & motivation

Annelise de Jong is a senior researcher in Interactive Swedish ICT in Sweden since 2011, where she has been working on sustainability and societal challenges, and the role of design. She is doctor of industrial design and Assistant Professor in the Industrial Design faculty at Delft university of Technology in the Netherlands, where she has worked part time at the Applied Ergonomics and Design department since 2002. Her work experience ranges from participatory processes for designing workplaces, to Living Lab research into household practices. Her interest in ERSCP is into building up a network on social practices, sustainable consumption and design, as well as growing visibility for this field in Europe. Her work has been published in international journals and conferences, and she is board member of the Open Ergonomics Journal.

Prof Arne Remmen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Background & motivation

I have active in ERSCP and partly PREPARE for several years, and was one of the organizers behind the ERSCP in 2009 in Aalborg. Besides, since I have done research within this field for 25 years, I do have a broad understanding of the different research and I have a long experience of bridging between research and practical implementation in enterprises and public authorities.

My main research fields and interests include dynamics of industrial transformation, environmental management and CSR, sustainable business models, life cycle management - communication and collaboration in the product chain, eco-design and eco-innovation (clean tech development), resource efficiency and circular economy,  integrated product policies / regulations in EU, sustainable transitions, and BOP innovation in developing countries.