Previous Conferences

17th ERSCP, 14-16 October 2014, Portorož, Slovenia

The 17th ERSCP took place, 14–16 October 2014, Portorož, Slovenia. The conference was entitled The Europe we want. The organising team is led by Rebeka Kovačič Lukman (University of Primorska, IAM, Slovenia), Peter Glavič (University of Maribor, Slovenia) and Bojana Žiberna (Nigrad Utilities). More than 150 participants attended and the conference resulted in a Special Volume “Sustainable Consumption and Production - Research, Experience, and Development – The Europe we want”, edited by Peter Glavič, Rebeka Kovačič Lukman, Angela Carpenter and Peter Virtič, in the Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 138, Part 2, Pages 139-298 (1 December 2016).

16th ERSCP & 7th EMSU, 4-7 June 2013, Bogazici Universit,y Istanbul, Turkey

Under the title ‘Bridges for a More Sustainable Future: Uniting Continents and Societies’, the local organising team was led by Dr Nilgün Ciliz of the Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center of Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, organised the joint 16th ERSCP & 7th EMSU, June 4-7, 2013.

15th ERSCP, 2012, Austrian Institute of Ecology, Bregenz, Austria.

The 15th ERSCP took place in Bregenz, a liveable and loveable city situated between Lake Constance and mountains and well known for its cultural standing and its recreational value’, under the title ‘SCP meets Industry.  It was organised by the Austrian Institute of Ecology. More information at (Conference) and at (Organiser). The organising team was led by Willi Sieber.

14th ERSCP & 6th EMSU Conference, 25-29 October 2010, Delft, Netherlands

Under the title ‘Knowledge Collaboration & Learning for Sustainable Innovation the joint 14th ERSCP & 6th EMSU conference (ERSCP-EMSU 2010)  was organised by Delft University of Technology, TNO and The Hague University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with various international partners in Delft, the Netherlands. The local organisers included Arnold Tukker (TNO), Jaco Quist (TU Delft), Renee Wever (TU Delft) and Johan Woudstra (The Hague University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with various others. There was a satellite conference in Cape Town, South Africa, coordinated by Nico Beute at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.

13th ERSCP, 8-10 June 2009, Aalborg University, Denmark

This ERSCP was entitled ‘Joint Actions on Climate Change’ and was combined with a GIN, the Greening of Industry Network Conference. It was organised by Aalborg University, Denmark, Aalborg, Denmark. The local organising team was coordinated by Arne Remmen and Henrik Riisgaard, both from Aalborg University.

12th ERSCP, September 2008, Berlin, Germany

Organised by FONA, the Sustainability program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FONA), Berlin, Germany, and was combined with the 5th BMBF Forum for Sustainability,

11th ERSCP, June 2007, Basel, Switzerland

Organised by the FHNW School of Life Sciences, Institute for Ecopreneurship, Basel, Switzerland.

10th ERSCP, October 2005, Antwerp, Belgium

Organised by the VITO (The Flemish Institute for Technological Research), Antwerp, Belgium.

9th ERSCP, May 2004, Bilbao, Spain

Organised by IHOBE (the Environmental Performance Agency of the Basque Government), Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain).

8th ERCP, October 2002, Cork, Ireland

Organised by CIT (Cork Institute of Technology – Clean Technology Centre), Cork, Ireland.

7th ERCP, May 2001, Lund, Sweden

Organised by the IIIEE (International Institute on Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University), Lund, Sweden.

6th ERCP, October 1999, Budapest, Hungary

Organised by the Hungarian Cleaner Production Centre, Budapest, Hungary.

5th ERCP, October 1998, Lisbon, Portugal

Organised by the INETI (The National Institute of Industrial Engineering and Technology), Lisbon, Portugal.

4th ERCP, October 1997, Oslo, Norway

Organised by the Technical Institute of Oslo, Norwegian Ministry of Environment and Norwegian EPA, Oslo, Norway.

3rd ERCP, October 1996, Kalundborg, Denmark

Organised by the County of Vestsjælland, Kalundborg Business Council, Society of Danish Engineers and Danish EPA, Kalundborg, Denmark.

2nd ERCP, October 1995, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Organised by the Erasmus University and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

1st ERCP, October 1994, Graz, Austria

Organised by the City of Graz and the Technical University of Graz, Graz, Austria.